• One 32 oz. container of shelf stable soymilk such as Trader Joe’s Soy Beverage
  • Yogurt starter--One packet/5 grams of Belle and Bella brand non-dairy yogurt starter

You need three things to make soy yogurt: soymilk, starter, and a heat source. Use a soymilk made of soybeans and water with no sweeteners, flavorings, stabilizers etc. Add a non-dairy yogurt starter or a small amount of soy yogurt from a previous batch. Blend well and pour into jars to put in the Instant Pot.

This recipe uses one 32 oz. container of shelf stable soymilk and makes about six 5 oz. jars of yogurt.


Shake and pour room temperature soymilk into a 4-cup measuring cup.

Stir in a starter packet until well mixed then pour the soymilk/starter mixture into the jars.

Put the open yogurt jars on the steamer rack/trivet in the Instant Pot and attach the lid.

Push the yogurt button, use the plus and minus signs to set the time–usually 8 to 12 hours. Make sure the normal indicator light is on and not the less or more indicator.

The Instant Pot starts when you hear three beeps. The timer will indicate 00:00 and starts counting to the time you set.

When finished take the jars out. Let them cool to about room temperature. Put lids on and store in the refrigerator.


Background Information


Use soymilk that is only made of soybeans and water such as Trader Joe’s Soy Beverage, West Life Soymilk or Unsweetened Edensoy for best fermenting.

Use room temperature soymilk. There is no need to heat and cool the soymilk like when making dairy milk yogurt.

After shaking vigorously, create a small air hole in the top of the soymilk container opposite the spout for easier pouring.

Usual fermenting times are between 8 and 12 hours. The shorter time gives a milder taste and is less tart than yogurt fermented for longer times.

Yogurt Starter Powder

Belle and Bella non-dairy yogurt starter works very well for soy yogurt. It has three strains of probiotics: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, and L. acidophilus. Order Belle and Bella online. Cultures for Health brand recently changed their vegan yogurt starter recipe and it does not work as well for soy yogurt. (05-2024)

Stir the starter well with a whisk to avoid clumps of wet starter.

Some people use probiotic capsules for starter.

Previous Batch of Yogurt for a Starter

Use yogurt from the previous batch to start the next batch 4 to 5 times. Then begin again with a new envelope of starter for the best taste and texture.

Add about 1 1/2 TBSP of yogurt for a 32 oz. quart of soymilk.

Add a scant 1 tsp of yogurt in each half pint jar and stir gently.

Some people freeze yogurt in ice cube trays and later thaw and stir a cube into the soymilk for a starter.

Some people use a spoonful of commercial yogurt as a starter.

Jars with Lids

Make sure all jars, measuring cup and whisk or spoons are squeaky clean to avoid introducing bacteria into the yogurt.

You can use any size jar that fits in the Instant Pot.

Half pint canning jars are good for individual servings.  You can leave space in the jar to stir in toppings afterwards if desired.

Save some freshly made yogurt for the next batch in a smaller or different size jar labeled “Starter” so it will not be eaten accidentally.

Some people make the yogurt directly in the Instant Pot liner pan.  I prefer individual jars, as the yogurt holds together better, when a spoon has not disturbed it.

Instant Pot Heat Source

If the silicone ring in the Instant Pot smells of strong spices, remove the ring or use a different ring to avoid the yogurt possibly picking up hints of the spicy flavor.

There is no need to build up pressure so any lid that fits on the Instant Pot would work.

Using the steamer rack/trivet to put the jars on is optional.

Some people make yogurt overnight in an oven with just the light on.