Nan Simonsen wrote her Amazon best seller, Aging Powerfully, because she is passionate about leading others, through wise lifestyle choices, to age with power. At 70, she is doing just that. In vibrant good health, her enthusiasm and knowledge shines through as a speaker, while her age gives credence to her message.

Nan is an expert speaker on the following topics:

  • Proven Pillars Of Health In Lifestyle Medicine
  • Using Food As Medicine
  • Adopting A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet
  • Boosting Immunity Through What Is On Our Plate
  • The Care And Feeding Of The Microbiome
  • Achieving Weight Management Without Going Hungry
  • The Microbiome, What Everyone Is Talking About
  • Preventing, Treating, And Reversing Chronic Disease With Food
  • Natural Solutions To Build Immunity
  • Plant Based Eating Made Easy
  • Building Resilience Through Sleep And Stress Relief
  • Saving Time In The Kitchen
  • Loving The Food That Loves You Back
  • Aging With Power—How To
  • Movement As A Life Saver
  • Living Like Those In The Blue Zones
  • Having Purpose Can Save Your Life

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • Podcast–LIBERTY For Her, Interviewer Nada Jones. General Subject: Female Founders Over 40. April 7, 2021, 10:00 AM PST
  • Podcast—Chef AJ Live, Interviewer Chef AJ. General Subject: Cooking Demonstration And Book Promotion. May 20, 2021

Nan’s Speaking Experience:

  • Owner Of Direct Sales Company For 20 Years. Average Salesforce Size Over 1,500. Offering Multiple Training Meetings And Classes Per Week. Oversaw The Creation Of Events, And Spoke To Groups Of Up To 5,000 Participants.
  • Ten Years On The Board Of The Botanic Garden Of California State University At Riverside, CA.—Advisory Capacity. Creator And Oversight Of The Adult Education Class Series That I Ran For Eight Years, During Which I Made Hundreds Of Presentations.
  • Seventeen One-Hour Presentations To Residents At Numerous Senior Communities Over A Two-Year Period. Topics Included The Four Pillars Of Lifestyle Medicine, Lessons From The Blue Zones, And Living Your Best Life
  • Presentations At The Janet Goeske Senior Center, On Preventing Diabetes, Lessons From The Blue Zones, And The Four Pillars Of Lifestyle Medicine. This Included Cooking Classes, Offering Samples Of Everything. The Largest Cooking Show Had Over 100 Participants.
  • Presentation, 1 Hour, To Staff And Alumni At La Sierra University, In Early 2020. Subject–Lifestyle Choices For Great Health And Longevity.
  • Podcast With Chef AJ, Nan Acted As Interviewer, What Is A Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, September 15, 2020, 1 Hr, 4 Min.
  • Podcast With Interviewer Kathryn Hansen, Ending Bulimia, Reclaiming Health, And Aging Powerfully. First Aired On February 4, 2021, 42 Minutes.

Interested in booking Nan to speak or featuring her on a Podcast?

Email: agingpowerfullywithnan@gmail.com

Discover the joy of a

Plant Centered Diet

Food is everything. Food is family. Food is memories. Food is medicine. Food brings us together. Food keeps us together.