About Me

Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, eCornell and T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and certified Food Over Medicine trainer.

Meet Nan Simonsen

Health, fitness, and wellness have been a passion all of my life. I fell in love with cooking at 11 years old, and treated the families whose children I babysat to my homemade goodies, often cooking on the job, and am an avid cook to this day. Having majored in nutrition at California State University at Northridge, I worked as a food service supervisor at Santa Monica Hospital and for a year as a menu planner and cook for a wealthy family in Beverly Hills. Loving all things food related I recreationally spend time in the in the kitchen creating delicious and health enriching dishes for myself and my husband, Tim. I am eager to share the best of these creations.

My passion in these final 20-30 years (God willing) is to empower others to maintain and regain vibrant health and wellness. I embrace Hippocrates dictum, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. And believe that the body will heal itself if given the chance and the right ‘fuel’…. Good nutrition, proper movement, sustainable resilience, and a loving community.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have worked closely with patients, as well as groups, at Lifestyle Medical, Inc. in Riverside, CA and Redlands, CA. Monthly I conduct a whole food, plant-based cooking class. In addition, I speak at senior centers and adult living communities about health and wellness.

Imagine, in only 3 months, you will create a healthy lifestyle that honours your own health and well being.

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Plant Centered Diet

Food is everything. Food is family. Food is memories. Food is medicine. Food brings us together. Food keeps us together.